Cash Drawers

We provide a range of quality cash drawers to your hospitality and retail environment. Whether you need extra security at POS or you have a busy environment with a large number of transactions all day, we have the right cash drawer for you.


Swipe Cards

Our EPOS solutions can be equipped with ‘Swipe Cards’ technology. System users are allocated swipe cards. Different users can have different access levels to the system i.e. staff, supervisors, managers etc.

There are many benefits to the use of Swipe Cards. Added security is the utmost benefit of swipe cards. Details of employees are encrypted into the cards making tracking staff access and system usage more accurate. The fact that staff login details are held within the card means that in general unauthorised access to the tills can be prevented. Another major benefit includes speeding up of transaction times. In busy environments a member of staff can log into the unit process half a transaction and if another member of staff attempts to login whilst the first is collecting payment the transaction will be placed on hold and can be accessed again with a simple swipe of the card.  This is great for multiple members of staff using one terminal, or for busy period.


Customer Displays

In many hospitality and retail environments use of Customer Displays highly increase customer information communication while processing and the transaction. It overall improves customer satisfaction as they can see the details of the products on their side while they are being added by the cashier in the IKA EPOS software.

Custom messages are also programmable to give more information to the customer when the tills are not in use.