IKA EPOS is a system specifically designed to cater hospitality and retail industry including but not limited to restaurants, pubs, cafés, shops etc. The system is flexible and can be modified in order to meet your business requirements as if it was purposely developed by keeping your business in mind. IKA EPOS is founded on modern technologies and is the future of EPOS solutions.

The system increases the control over the business. As the business owner or the manager you will be able to monitor business activities, control stock, view financial reports and more. See the video link below to have an overview.


Smart-POS is a retail POS, stock control and management software that lets you extract every last gram of profit from your business.

We created Smart-POS because independent grocery retailers like yourself told us you are unhappy with the performance of ‘off-the-shelf’ software, while systems that do work well simply cost too much.

So in building Smart-POS we’ve made software that is reliable and affordable, easy to use and well supported. After all, here at IKA Retail Solutions we’ve been working with independent grocery retailers since the 1980’s: configuring, installing and supporting Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) technology.