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Tablets & Handhelds​

No more pen and paper food ordering. Your EPOS solution can be extended to take orders on Tablets. The waiters will see complete menu on a small handheld device. The items that are ordered will print straight to the kitchen printers. You can also send custom messages, update table, print bill, take payments and many more.

IKA EPOS makes your menu accessible on a wide range of tablets including Apple IPads and other Android based hand held devices.

Putting a restaurant’s menu on a tablet allows for more detailed descriptions of the food and its preparation, eliminates order-taking errors and eventually will result in reduced labor costs because wait staff will be able to handle more tables.

Handheld Ordering

The benefits of IKA EPOS – Handheld Ordering

The IKA EPOS – Handheld Ordering system has many advantages over competitive systems: it can be used on iOS and Android based devices. The focus is on developing reliable, durable, secure and easy to use ordering on the table. IKA EPOS – Handheld Ordering set the standard in terms of user friendliness and flexibility – standards that are often imitated but never bettered.

We can confidently claim to be the market leader – and when you take a closer look at the hospitality industry, you’ll share our confidence.

More success based on quality service

Throughout the catering sector, the problem is basically the same: too much rushing around, too little time. Twice a day in most cases: a shorter lunch period and a longer evening shift. Regardless of whether an eatery is large or small, the problem is exactly the same. This is where IKA EPOS – Handheld Ordering comes into play. IKA EPOS – Handheld Ordering units simply make every establishment faster, more effective and more welcoming. In ice cream parlours, bars, coffee houses, cake shops, inns, pubs and restaurants, IKA EPOS – Handheld Ordering ensures mobility, speed, friendliness, competence and profitability.

More profit thanks to speed

As you might imagine, three or four missed beers or coffees in an average day soon add up to an uncomfortably high loss of revenue. For larger businesses with higher numbers of guests, the losses become even more serious. Worst of all, many business owners don’t even realize how much extra revenue they’re giving up. The only answer is fast, reliable, fail-safe support for your serving staff: and that means IKA EPOS – Handheld Ordering.

The benefits in detail:

More sales, faster service, more satisfied customers

IKA EPOS – Handheld Ordering customers know that average turnover increases of 10% are a reality. The second an order is placed, it is transmitted to where it needs to be: the kitchen or the bar. Meanwhile the serving staff can stay where they need to be: with the guests. With more time to serve people, sales inevitably rise.

No waiting around at the till for waiters

Since point-of-sale functions are carried out using the actual hand-held IKA EPOS – Handheld Ordering unit; there’s no longer any need to enter orders using a touch-screen terminal. As a result, more time can be devoted to serving the guests.

No mistakes with orders or cancellations

All orders and cancellations are agreed with the guest and immediately confirmed on the IKA EPOS – Handheld Ordering display. Communication errors are eliminated, which reduces the stress level for service personnel. Guests are happier too, because they always get exactly what they ordered.

Less walking allows staff to concentrate on their job

Thanks to significant time savings, service staff can focus on sales. Walking is reduced by up to 40%, which means they can serve 25% more guests on average.

Smooth flow of communication between service staff and kitchen

A continual flow of incoming orders gives the kitchen a time benefit of around 6–10 minutes compared to conventional fixed tills.

Complete control system for all transactions using leading software solutions

Every transaction – from orders and cancellations to amendments – is logged in a journal, along with the time it was performed. Lost transactions are a thing of the past.

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